Change because you can! 

Because then the magic happens. All the great ideas, endless brainstorms, energy and unique vibes start with change. It doesn't matter whether it's a festival, event, brainstorm or whatsoever.

MNKY Business was founded in 2016 and saw the first daylight in 2017. We are a proud and creative organized chaos, loving to experiment and approach matters with energy and a fresh perspective. The main motto of our organisation is change because you can, change before you have to. Monkey business knows several pillars which form the foundation of our business and the way we think.

Monkey Business?

What's up with the name Monkey Business. Well, Monkey Business shouldn't be taken too serious. We are on the constant lookout for new fun and creative ideas. Linear thinking is not something which we like. Also, monkeys are known as friendly and funny animals. Our office looks a bit like a monkey cage, lots of ideas coming together in a friendly atmosphere.

What we stand for

Super human workeffort 

Creative twitches

Normal is boring  

Give back by doing good


we are family

Be the biggest monkey a.k.a. underdog

Do it different, do it damn good